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Northgate Cargo Control Trailer Winches, when properly installed, provide a safe method of securing cargo on utility trailers, farm flatbeds, heavy duty flatbeds, railcars and other vehicles. Northgate Cargo Control offers a wide selection of varying bases, mandrel designs and mounting applications that can be used with webbing straps (up to 4 inches in width), wire rope or cable to suit a variety of load securement needs. All NCC winches have been designed, tested and labeled to meet or exceed all U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)regulations, California Highway Patrol (CHP) regulations, and FM CSA (FederalMotor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations including the new North American Cargo Securement Standards. All NCC winches are labeled with 5,000 lbs. (2,270 kgs.) WLL unless otherwise stated or otherwise ordered.

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